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       In our fast paced world, our daily lives are filled with a multitude of things, many of which include physical, emotional, and chemical stressors.  A sudden fall or sitting in front of a computer screen all day can lead to body misalignment and cause significant physical discomfort or quite possibly injury. An argument with a loved one or a bad day at the office can result in unresolved tension in different areas of your body. Pesticide-laden foods or exposure to chemicals can lead to stomach pain, headaches, unpleasant moods, or sluggish thinking.


      The body is a system of intricate pathways in constant communication with the brain, the powerhouse of the entire system.  In both the near and long terms, these stress factors interfere with the body’s natural ability to communicate and self-regulate, creating imbalance which can lead to subluxation, also known as a disruption in communication.  Untreated, a subluxation is the cause for a lack of efficiency in the systems of the body and will eventually lead to symptoms of all kinds including discomfort, pain and disease.  This disruption in communication can also get in the way of your everyday life, leaving you focused on managing your health instead of doing the things that you love. 

     Recurring stress patterns often return due to the inability to recognize and alter factors that influence well-being.  At Evol.v Chiropractic, we help you identify those patterns and if necessary, help you transform them into something beneficial.  We recognize that chiropractic adjustments to optimize nervous system communication, in conjunction with body-mind awareness and healthy habits, lead to the greatest long term positive changes.  In addition to your adjustments, we also offer yoga as therapy and healthy food practices into your customized care plan, so that you build strength and stability, increase mobility, and bring more space into your body and mind,  helping you restore the ability, confidence, and freedom to participate in your life activities. In short, we help you feel your best so that you can live a fully vibrant life. 

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