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I am very picky about who I see for chiropractic work. I have been seeing Navit since last year and I couldn't be more thrilled to have found her in the Denver area. Her touch has been the perfect addition to my self care regime. I look forward to our sessions every week as I know its always going to be the reset button I need!      ~Alexandria Zayer

I have had the privilege of receiving Chiropractic care from Dr. Gary Wilson on numerous occasions. He is truly a gifted practitioner. Dr. Wilson approaches his work with a strong sense of care and confidence, which is clearly rooted in his nuanced expertise. I always feel safe and supported. He has a true bedside manner that brings me ease, while also maintaining an assertiveness that inspires me to engage my own ongoing healing process. If you are interested in embarking upon a holistic chiropractic journey, I recommend reaching out to Gary.      ~Ran Bee

I met  Dr. Gary and Dr. Navit while traveling through northern India. I was having some pretty strong sciatica and lower back pain at the time and that part of the world has a shortage of good chiropractic! After receiving adjustments from Dr. Gary I started feeling a lot of relief. I was so impressed with their level of care and it was obvious that they really wanted to see me improve. It was also a holistic approach, so we even discussed diet and lifestyle choices that might be affecting my condition. I really felt in good hands. After years of seeing different chiropractors, they are easily at the top of the list. I am only upset that they left India!!!      ~John Pasquina

I have worked with both Dr. Gary and Dr. Navit in the last several years, and I have found them to be excellent chiropractors.  They thoughtfully consider the health of my entire body and mind when deciding how to treat me, which I appreciate because I want a holistic approach from any healer I see.  I’ve also really enjoyed that they don’t adjust me too forcefully; I have seen a couple chiros who just made me feel like a bit of a rag doll and it was unnerving.  I really liked their mindful and  precise approach.     ~Joni Redmond

Amazing chiropractors and Yoga teachers!      ~Lina M. El-Agamy

I first had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Gary through one of my guitar students.  I went through several chiropractors, some decent others not so much, before finally having Dr. Gary adjust me. From experience with different chiropractors, NO ONE comes close to the level of care that Dr. Gary gives. Dr. Gary has an intuitive understanding of the human body and he is also an empathic spiritual healer! There are plenty of chiropractors who know how to adjust, but a true SHAMAN of human health like Dr. Gary is a rare find. Those hands of his are absolute MAGIC, he could literally just touch my spine and know intuitively where I needed an adjustment. I live in California and wish that Dr. Gary still lived here. If you’re in pain in the Colorado area near Dr. Gary's practice, I envy you.      ~Roland Sayn

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