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At Evol.v Chiropractic, we believe that a human is more than just a body.  We recognize that  each individual is a whole integrative system consisting of mind, body and spirit.  We use chiropractic care to address the nervous system and quality of communication within the body.  We also offer yoga as therapy to create connection and awareness within the system, and food as medicine to ensure you are getting the right fuel to power your life.  With our customized holistic care plan, we address all aspects of a human being, getting you back to a place where you can be the best version of yourself and live a vibrant, thriving life.

Yoga Practice
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Chiropractic Care
Yoga as Therapy
Food as Medicine

Chiropractic utilizes the natural healing ability of the body by removing interference created by outside stressors.  By using gentle, precise adjustments, we locate and clear this interference from the system, enabling your body to recalibrate itself and initiate the path to healing.  We use a variety of tools and techniques depending on what is most beneficial for your unique nervous system.

Yoga is a system utilized to create mind-body connection and awareness.  We use yoga as a system of therapy for catalyzing the process of healing in both the body and the mind.  Alignment, strength building, stability reconditioning, restorative, vinyasa, breath-work, and meditation are all tools that we use to create the best program for you. We also offer pregnancy specific classes and protocols.

You really are what you eat.  Food is the fuel you put in your body to power your entire system.  If the quality is poor or out of balance with what you are depleted in, your entire system will suffer.  It is important to tailor your nutritional intake to your individualized needs.  We will discuss more nourishing food options and help you make choices that are more nutritionally balanced while still being enjoyable.

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