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The four foundational pillars of Strength, Stability, Mobility, and Space encapsulate the scope of work at Evol.v Chiropractic.  More than just words, they are the core principles that are intended to motivate, guide, and inspire you to reach for and embody the best versions of yourselves, embracing the wisdom and connection of the mind, body, and soul:

Hiking Path

Strength is based on the ability of the musculoskeletal system to be able to properly engage postural and core muscles to hold the bones of your body up in order to efficiently support your life.  A strong body withstands the gravitational forces that we are subject to on a daily basis, a strength that is amplified by a strong mind as well as a strong will.  Strength is also the resiliency of the body and nervous system to stimulation, it is the ability to bounce back. 


Stability refers to building the underlying foundation of core and postural muscles working together to keep the more sensitive internal structures and organs from changing shape and shifting positions in order to accommodate your activities.  Stability is also the nervous system's ability to stay in balance, to not be swayed and to continuously find its center, or homeostasis.  Stability of the mind is a place of peace within yourself and your circumstances no matter what situation arises.  Building stability in the body helps to create stability in the mind.  Vice-versa, stability in thought equivocates to stability in the body and in action.

Leaping Dancer

Mobility is having full range of motion, it is the freedom to move your body in whichever way you choose.  As mobility is restored and increased in the physical body, you develop the freedom to explore the world with more ease, grace, and confidence.  The nervous system develops more plasticity and develops the ability to integrate interactions with the world with more ease, enabling you to more readily take on whatever may come.


Space is the in between, the “emptiness” that allows for things to breathe and to have the room to ebb and flow as they need to in order to accommodate your life.  It is the opposite of congestion in the body: it is the idea that every bone, ligament, tendon, and organ has the necessary space to function how it was intended to.  Space signifies clearing out of the old, unnecessary things that are no longer serving your life.  By creating space in the body, there is space in the mind, and therefore space in life for new and more vitalistic things to come in, aiding you in being more at peace with yourselves and your surroundings.

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