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What is Chiropractic?

            The word “chiropractic” literally translates to work done with the hands.  Chiropractic is a healing art form that enhances the function of the nervous system, enabling you to live your best life.  The nervous system is your electrical circuit, it includes, your brain, brain stem, spinal cord, and all the nerves that go to every end of your body.  It powers every organ, muscle, tissue, and all five senses.  Imagine what would happen if the electrical circuit to a lightbulb was compromised, the light would be dimmer, might flicker, or maybe wouldn’t turn on at all.  When your nervous system is compromised, its like your lights aren’t fully on.  A specific, Chiropractic adjustment restores full light to your body so that you can shine on in the world at your brightest.


Why is Chiropractic right for me?

            Chiropractic enhances your nervous system.  If you have a nervous system, then Chiropractic can help you function more optimally.  Whether that means getting you out of pain, increasing your range of motion or functionality, increasing your energy levels, helping you sleep better, boosting your immunity, increasing your body awareness, or a variety of other benefits.  Any body of any age can benefit from chiropractic care, as long as they have a nervous system!  Don’t you want to feel your best?


I’m an athlete, how can Chiropractic help?

            Chiropractic is great for athletes!  By consistently adjusting your nervous system and removing any incoming interference, chiropractic keeps athletes playing better for longer.  It increases the healing rate from sports injuries, increases the healing rate of the brain, increases stability, strength, and mobility in the body and can also boost performance.  Many of the best athletes in the world swear by their chiropractor!


I don’t have any symptoms, why would I need a chiropractor?

            Symptoms are a sign from the body that something is seriously wrong.  It’s as if your body is screaming for help.  Usually symptoms are something you can’t ignore, even if you try.  The nervous system is integrating constant input from the outside world, and some input is more difficult to integrate than others.  This hard- to-integrate input can get caught in the nervous system and start to create interference in your electrical circuit, dimming your lights without you noticing at first.  It is important to keep the nervous system as clear as possible so that your body energy can be spent doing things that are more important, like living your life to its fullest.  When you get adjusted even when you are feeling good, you are providing your body with preventative wellness care.  This is keeping your body well, instead of waiting until there is a big problem to even begin to try and fix it.


Why can’t I be fixed in one adjustment?

            We wish it only took one adjustment, our job would be so much easier!  Unfortunately, although the body is dynamic, it also adopts patterns that like to stick around for awhile.  Once we adjust you, you will go back to living your normal every day life.  You’ll sit with one leg crossed, or lean the same way in the car when you drive, or hunch while you do some computer work and at first you won’t even notice these habits.  Under consistent chiropractic care, these habits become more prevalent to your awareness and you will start to notice the way your body feels.  You will be more connected to what is inside and you will grow the skill of noticing what is harming your body and what is creating more restriction as well as what is helping your body and creating more space.  Chiropractic is like retraining the body how to be in alignment.  This translates to your outer life as well, bringing all the elements into alignment with who you are.  You can’t teach a puppy to sit with just one lesson, and you can’t teach the body how to align with one adjustment.  Consistency is key for lasting changes to actually occur.


What is the meaning behind your name?

Evol.v comes from a longer phrase of a bigger project. is the name of our mission, which is all about evolving more LOVE into peoples lives.  We want our patients to experience more love, for themselves, for their families and friends, for their work, for their entire lives.  By creating more love, we create more community, more beauty, more working together to benefit the whole, we promote EVOLution.  We want to evol.v the idea of chiropractic, the idea that healing is actually within each one of us, but most of us have forgotten how to find this innate intelligence that resides within.  We hope to help you remember, to help empower you to heal your body, mind and soul….to EVOL.v your body, mind and soul.

What is a subluxation?

            A subluxation is an area of the nervous system that has become compromised from a misalignment in a joint or adhesions and/or tension pattern in a muscle, soft tissue or fascia.  Subluxations create nervous system interference, disrupting the body’s communication pathways, which lead to a variety of symptoms.  Subluxations are caused by three main stressors:  Physical, chemical and emotional.  Physical stressors include anything from a sudden impact, fall or accident, to repetitive motions or behavior that over time change the alignment of your body, like sitting hunched over at a computer every day or using a pillow every night that is too big.  Chemical stressors include anything toxic.  These toxins include products that you use on your body, like shampoos, soaps, and toothpaste that don’t come from natural sources, chemicals in your food items, especially if those food items were overly processed or were treated with pesticides, and chemicals in the air you breathe like mold, dust, or toxic fumes.  Emotional stressors include states of high stress and anxiety that put the body into a constant state of fight or flight.  Fight or flight is a survival mechanism and is meant for only emergencies when there is a real threat present to life.  When we are constantly in a state of fight or flight, the body is unable to do what it is supposed to in order to effectively sustain life.  It is unable to heal itself and ensure that it is getting the right nutrients delivered, that the right hormones are being released, that digestion is occurring properly, that toxins are being excreted and a variety of other health and life promoting functions.


What is innate intelligence?

            Innate intelligence is inside of every living thing.  This is the force inside of us that causes our heart to keep beating, our body to digest the food we eat and deliver the nutrients, to keep our lungs working and our brains and bodies communicating with each other.  It is the force that wants to be healthy so that the body can keep going.  It is the force of healing and wellness that is at our purest foundation of being.  We all have innate intelligence from the moment that a sperm and egg become a living and eventually multiplying cell (zygote).  Innate intelligence is the force of life.  It is the force of the universe to grow a tree or a sweet piece of fruit.  It is the force of the wind in order to spread a seed.  It is the healing of a bone when broken, or of a fever when sick.  In the human body, innate intelligence operates via the pathways of the nervous system. Regular chiropractic adjustments maximize nerve flow, and therefore enhance this intelligent force in your body so that your body can operate more optimally.


What does vitalistic mean?

            We are vitalistic chiropractors.  This means that our goal is to enhance the innate intelligence of your body.  Our goal is to enhance your natural self healing mechanism.  We believe that everyone is capable of healing, but some people have simply forgotten or been distracted for some time.  We aim to return people back to themselves, back to the incredible creation that is their body with the ability to heal and jump over the most incredible hurdles of life.

What is tensegrity?

            Tensegrity is the theory that inside our external structure we are completely interconnected.  If I was to pull on one side of your body, like your left shoulder, a whole line of tissue connected to your left shoulder would also shift all the way down to maybe even your right heel.  Tensegrity allows for a better understanding of how the body is structured and how just because you might have a problem in your right heel, it might be coming from your left shoulder being out of alignment.  Everything affects everything else.  If one thing is out of alignment in your body and causing interference in your nervous system, then it is affecting everything else in your body.  If one thing is nudged into alignment, then it can remove the interference in your nervous system and begin to unwind the patterns that can free up your entire body.

Why don’t I hear any “popping” sounds when I get adjusted?

            That “popping” sound that people associate with the chiropractic adjustment is just air being released out of the joint space from a change in pressure inside the joint capsule.  Often times, if the subluxation has been there for quite some time, adhesions and scar tissues will envelope the subluxation as a way to stabilize itself against gravitational force.  You can think of this like packaging tape.  First we have get the joint moving to remove the packaging tape before the joint capsule itself can have a pressure change and release air.  This can often take some time.  If you didn’t hear a “popping” sound, the adjustment is still working to restore motion to the appropriate joint, which will free up the nervous system to do its job.


Final EVOLV Logo graphic only_edited_edited.png
Final EVOLV Logo graphic only_edited_edited.png
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