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After receiving licensure in the Bay Area of California, Dr. Navit and Dr. Gary continued their professional journey by embarking on a nine month adventure to Southeast Asia with nothing more than a backpack and their portable adjusting tables.  They traveled to India, Nepal, and Thailand with their tables in tow, setting up temporary Chiropractic clinics wherever they went to serve fellow travelers and the local underserved communities alike.  The majority of their time was spent in the vast and extremely diverse country of India.  During this time, they also participated in three intensive service trips, volunteering their time and efforts to hundreds of locals with very limited access to any kind of medical care and who were in great need of healing.  In both Delhi and Mumbai, the largest and most populated Indian cities, they worked straight through the day adjusting and bringing relief to hundreds of Indians that had traveled from all over India to receive care.  In Dehradun, a mountain town in the foothills of the Himalayas, they worked with the local Tibetan refugee community, adjusting daily at a nunnery, a nursing home,  a mountain village and the incredible kids of a local orphanage.  They are both so grateful for the opportunity to help so many people who would have otherwise never been exposed to the possibilities that come with chiropractic care and to witness the healing power of the body.  Eventually, their passion for their work and love for the mountains brought them to Colorado and after some time practicing in Denver, they now bring their skills to the beautiful community of Boulder.  

Dr. Gary Wilson DC

Vitalistic Chiropractor

Certified Yoga Instructor


Dr. Gary graduated from Life Chiropractic College West with Magna Cum Laude Honors, and he is also a Certified Yoga Instructor. Through precise chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Gary helps those who seek his care maximize body alignment and reduce tension and interference patterns on their nervous systems, thereby allowing their bodies to function at their maximum potentials.


Dr. Navit Zukerman DC

Vitalistic Chiropractor

Certified Yoga Instructor


Dr. Navit received her Doctorate of Chiropractic, graduating Magna Cum Laude, from Life Chiropractic College West, in Hayward, California.  Growing up in a family that turned more towards natural medicine, healing with food, and herbal remedies instilled within her a belief system for a more holistic philosophy to wellness. 

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Gary focuses on basic principles in order to lead a well balanced life, including: preparation and consumption of whole foods, correct exercise and movement, proper breathing, meditation, balanced sleep, healthy relationships, and pursuit of passions. He maintains that the body has the ability to heal itself when given regular chiropractic adjustments coupled with healthy living habits, and teaches his patients to trust and explore the natural healing power of their own bodies.


Dr. Gary is committed to the continual growth of his profession, and continues to attend multiple adjusting and chiropractic seminars every year to deepen his craft. His determination to offer chiropractic to underserved communities and conviction that chiropractic be available for everyone fuels his passion for his work, and he will continue to participate in service trips throughout his life.


Dr. Gary believes that the most important aspect in life is to practice and participate in the things that you are passionate about and that make you happy, whether it is through your work, family, or recreation, or some combination thereof. Dr. Gary considers his job as an integral part of a well balanced and vibrant life, and when he isn’t adjusting people he enjoys exploring and adventuring in the outdoors through backpacking, snowboarding, and gardening, and also loves yoga, cooking, music, dance, and travel.

With a background in competitive dance, gymnastics and snowboarding, Dr. Navit suffered a variety of injuries while she was growing up.  Following an extremely debilitating low back injury in 2010, Dr. Navit had her first visit with a Chiropractor, an experience that completely changed the course of her life.  After witnessing the healing and recovery she received through Chiropractic care, an anti-inflammatory diet, and yoga as therapy, she was convinced that this was a combination she had to share with as many people as she could get her hands on.  Dr. Navit believes that our bodies are stronger and more intelligent then we are typically led to believe and that Chiropractic care paired with body awareness and proper fuel can activate the natural intelligence of this innate self-healing mechanism. 

Dr. Navit has been teaching yoga for 8 years and is a certified yoga teacher in Baptiste style power vinyasa, yoga alignment, and utilizing yoga as therapy.  In 2013, she spent 8 months in India, studying yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic Nutrition as well as sitting with local healers and observing their craft.


Dr. Navit brings an integrative approach to the table, utilizing many elements to enable the self-healing mechanism within.  She caters each protocol care plan to the uniqueness of the individual, taking into account the sensitivity of the nervous system as well as the extent and chronicity of the subluxation.  As a Chiropractor, she believes that each living thing possesses the innate ability to heal itself and has a passion for the deep learning that occurs when bringing individuals back to themselves, empowering them to heal, grow, and thrive in life.  In her free time, she likes to hike, backpack, cook, garden, dance, snowboard, read, and travel.

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